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OCSS Purpose

OCSS is a predominantly Asian, singles organization and has
a reputation of being warm and friendly and providing many
non-threatening events throughout the year.

The age range of the majority of the members is 30 to 55 years,
living from Glendale to Dana Point and Oxnard with most living
in the Los Angeles County area. The membership consists
predominantely of Asian-Americans and a fairly equal balance of
men and women.

The leadership roles are filled by a man and woman as
Co-Presidents. In this way, the responsibilities are shared
and input is given from both perspectives. There are
monthly general meetings when the board meets,
which everyone is invited to attend. Members are greatly
encouraged to become active and involved in the continued
success of the organization.

Throughout the year monthly social activities are hosted
by different members of OCSS. There is generally at least
one scheduled event per month. This can include:
"Tabemashos" (Let's eat in Japanese), dances, picnics,
movies, dancing, skating, rap sessions, dance lessons,
sushi parties, biking, attending plays, etc.

Non-members are cordially welcome to attend most of the
activities at a slightly higher entrance fee.

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